Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to receive Meals on Wheels?

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit meal delivery service designed for individuals who have limitations due to age, declining health, or disability. Our clients are living independently in their own homes and reside within the Muncie city limits.

How much do meals cost?

Hot meals are $5.05 with milk and $4.80 without milk. Supplementary supper sacks are available for $3.05-$3.80 per day. Individuals with an income below $1,350 can qualify to get their meals at a reduced cost. Find more information on our Clients page.

What are some examples of meals?

An example of a hot lunch meal might be lasagna, broccoli, roll, mandarin oranges, vanilla pudding, and milk. A supper sack may include cranberry juice, chicken salad sandwich, relish plate, and pears. Find more examples on the Clients page.

Do you offer meals for special diets?

We do offer specialized meals for our clients who have dietary restrictions. We offer diabetic appropriate meals and can also offer soft, pureed, or mechanically ground meals. Please notify our team when you sign up for meals and if your dietary needs change.

Do I have to receive five days of meals?

No. It’s our goal to be flexible with your needs. You can order between two to five days of meals. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday.

Can the bill be paid for by a friend or family member?

Yes. We will be glad to make payment arrangements with your loved one to ensure your meals are delivered.

Is there commitment requirement for clients?

No. We are glad to assist those who need short-term meal delivery following a surgery or other temporary need. We also enjoy providing meals to our long-term clients for many years, if needed.

Do I have to come to the door to receive my meal?

If you are not able to come to the door to let the meal delivery volunteer into your home, we can make special arrangements. We want you to feel safe and will arrange a system for entering if necessary. Our meal delivery volunteers can also offer help in opening containers if needed.

How can I become a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer is as simple as connecting with our staff. Volunteers must have a current driver’s license and insurance. Get started by filling out a volunteer interest form.

Is there a major time commitment for volunteering?

No. We offer a flexible and rewarding volunteer experience. Volunteer as little as an hour a month or several hours a week. We have openings for regular drivers and substitute drivers. Each meal delivery route takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

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